Last Update: 25 Jan 2018 @10:29


DETOUR! Are you visiting us via Stowe/Morrisville? If you're approaching that way, chances are you're being directed to use the North Wolcott Rd to get here. The oissue is that during the flooding of January 12, that section of road was washed out. Travelers have several options (all written as coming from the southwest). Check them out here.

While Google Maps and other mapping software has improved, it still often routes folks in odd directions. We recommend consulting our complete information on how to find the Craftsbury Outdoor Center here.


Rental Housing

Another option for teams in particular are rental homes. The Center has much less experience with rental housing, but have heard people have had good results with VRBO (click through to see search results for Vermont and/or the Craftsbury area):



Chamber of Commerce

NEKTTA is the local chamber of commerce and they have additional lodging options that may be of interest. Find them at www.travelthekingdom.com.